Worst Bollywood Breakups That Created More Buzz Than Any Bollywood Marriage

All isn’t fair in love always and the most unfair bit of love is the heartbreak that comes with it. When the buzz is about relationships and affairs in Bollywood, every fan wishes the bonhomie of the lovebirds to remain intact. But it’s B-town and, surveillance of fans, paparazzi and media comes with a storm. If any B-couple is in a relationship they can’t avoid but make it to the headlines and page-3s. But when they part, it’s always the first page!

Bollywood break-ups

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Bollywood has constantly given us the most romantic relationships ever and they have garnered the most noise. Few were rumours, few were on-record commitments, few went on get married and few just parted their ways. Many among them have been inspiring for the young generation and many have left the fans bereft and shocked. Let us look at five such cutest couples we wish had never parted.

Worst Bollywood Breakups

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Deepika Break up

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The best looking couple Bombay and Bollywood has given us. But unfortunately things didn’t pan out in their favour. Their relationship and break-up both created maximum buzz. The couple looked stunningly good on-screen and liked to keep their relationship private off-screen. But in the Bollywood nagri nothing escapes from paparazzi. According to Deepika, Ranbir cheated on her; and rest is history when Ranbir’s mother Neetu Kapoor came into the scene. What’s the truth nobody knows. Whatever happened, this couple shouldn’t have broken up. Wish the tattoos and airport kisses should have continued.

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Bipasha Basu and John Abraham

Bipasha Basu and John Abraham Bollywood Break-up

Both enigmatic, both exceedingly good looking, both charismatic and both sexy! That best defines the yesteryear’s hotties Bips and John. Right from their first film together Jism, they soared to the top of their game and Page-3 headlines. Who would have thought a ten year old relationship would overnight become a bygone-thing. Every fan of this hot duo had thought they would get married. But perhaps that’s the B-life. Who comes, who goes, one cannot tell.

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Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor

Kareena Shahid Break up

Undoubtedly this couple looks amazing with their current life partners. But just imagine them together brewing some brownie points on the Koffee with Karan couch! Sure that would have been splendidly stunning. Ishq Vishq was where it all started and in no time, the couples started becoming hot topic of the everyday newspapers. Young lovebirds, madly in love with each other but fate had planned something else for them.

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Suzanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan

Suzanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan Bollywood Break-up

Did you know that the first meeting between Sonia and Rohit at a traffic signal in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai was exactly how Hrithik first met Suzanne? Sweet, isn’t it? Their divorce came as a shock to the world. Rumour had it that the Kites leading lady Barbara Mori was behind their divorce. But this sweet couple shouldn’t have parted their ways. Perhaps many fan girls would have been happy seeing our Greek God single again!

Adhuna and Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akthar and Adhuna Akthar Bollywood Break-up

Yet again a divorce! Perhaps the best pick-up line- Can I drive you home? by Adhuna to Farhan after a party, began a love story all happy and blissful. But when in Bollywood, you never know. Baffled and bereft, Farhan fans stood shocked hearing the news of their marriage termination. If only they would have been together!

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Stars lead a huge life, surrounded by constant scrutiny. So it is but obvious that the line between privacy and public gets blurred. Now that social media has come into play, everybody has a megaphone. Celebs can’t hide their personal lives, no matter how hard they try. So relationship, as private it sounds, is equally public. Nothing in the B-town is latent. So, these aforementioned couples couldn’t hide what’s brewing in the coffee machine. Naturally, their separation made noise in higher decibels. Whatever may have been the reasons, we all wish they had stayed together.

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