Censorship Blues? Here are 5 super sensous Bollywood movies that will leaving you gasping

Bollywood has always surprised us with its diversification. Few movies fail and few succeed. But one type of movie that always remains intact in a cine-goer’s mind is the sensual one. No matter if they turn out to be a money-spinner eventually or fail at the ticket counters, they are etched in everybody’s minds for the erotica and bold presence on-screen. Many of them become so controversial that our very own Central Board of Certification either ban them completely or edit them to cut out the sensual chunks. But the tricks are always there on the internet and if you want to watch these films you will, no matter what! So let us look at 5 of such most sensual films that our Hindi film industry has given us-

Satyam Shivam Sundaram (1978)

It was huge back then to come up with such a bold movie. Zeenat Aman’s sexy body clad in white saree and the added mystery because of her one-sided burnt face make this movie one of the sexiest films in Hindi cinema even today.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram Sensual Bollywood Movie

Bobby (1973)

Considered as India’s first bold movie, who can forget Dimple Kapadia sensual looks in Bobby? The erotic bit becomes even more interesting when we realise that it was a teenage romance when the vulnerable years are just blooming!

Bobby Sensual Bollywood Movie

Julie (2004)

This movie garnered a lot of attention when it released. Neha Dhupia’s sensual looks and overt bold display on-screen was just too much for some people. This movie is about a sex worker played by Neha herself.

Julie Sensual Bollywood Movie

Murder (2004)

When we talk of sensual B-movies, how can we not talk about Mallika Sherawat in Murder? Released under adult rating, this Bhatt production sent many into a zone of a doubt because for the first time the Indian audience was watching something so bold and open.

Murder Sensual Bollywood Movie

Tarzan (1985)

Remember Shahid Kapoor’s rapid fire round with Sonakshi Sinha on Koffee with Karan where he mentioned Kimi Katkar? Well, he was talking about Tarzan, the classic tale of the jungle boy. The movie in 1985 was way ahead of its time and gave Hindi film industry an erotica beyond anything.

Tarzan Sensual Bollywood Movie

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