5 Handsome Actors From Pakistan Who Have Left Indian Girls Weak On Their Knees

While there's a lot of heat between India and Pakistan, there are few topics that we unanimously agree on. That is, Bollywood > Pakistani Cinema, Pakistani Coke Studio> Indian Coke Studio, or Pakistani men more good-looking than the ones in India. Now, we won't go and vindicate that point because we all know that (coughs *Fawad Khan* coughs) but we will definitely extend our knowledge and see if that's true for other Pakistani men too.

Handsome Actors From Pakistan

So without further ado, we pick our top 5 Pakistani men who can make any girl weak in their knees:

Fawad Khan

Need to say more? Fawad Khan created a tumult with his Bollywood entry and that proves that he is the epitome of gorgeousness. Literally, there has been never a more fangirling moment of any actor (not even SRK) than that has been with Fawad. He broke many hearts at once when he stated that he is married in an interview.
He became a hearthrob even since he appeared in Zindagi Gulzar Hai and later made his entry in B-town and was seen romancing Sonam Kapoor in Khoobsurat. His fan following covers women from 16 to 60 and finally let's just say, Thank God for Fawad Khan!

Fawad khan

Ali Zafar

Ever since we saw him in his famous song Sun Re Sajaniya, Ali Zafar became an overnight sensation. The pop artist ruled hearts with his soulful songs and his drop dead gorgeousness. The famous singer has also extended his leg to acting and has appeared in many films in Bollywood as well. That perfect face especially his sharp jawline has left many drooling over him.

Ali zafar

Atif Aslam

Atif does not fit in the normal conventional type of beauty because he is way beyond that. This man exudes a rare innocence and allure that is hard to find in any man. His soulfulness makes him attractive and the proof of it is his billion fans both in India and Pakistan.
There have been transitional phases of Atif Aslam - from a raw hunk during his Jal band days to his gentleman shift in his recent 'Bol' movie or otherwise. Atif has ruled Indian hearts ever since the release of his initial albums, and boy, he did create an uproar. We would also give brownie points to his blessed voice that transcends all boundaries and touches your heart right on.

Atif Aslam

Imran Abbas

This man enjoys a huge fan base in Pakistan and is the perfect dream boy for anyone with his charismatic personality. The chocolate boy of Pakistan entered Bollywood with Creature 3D alongside Bipasha Basu. Unfortunately, the film did not fare well but Imran has been in highlight ever since.

Imran Abbas

Mikaal Zulfiqar

Mikaal's drop dead model face can be only compared to Indian Rajnish Duggal or Milind Soman. His sultry looks are definitely way beyond what we see in Bollywood. Mikaal is a huge star in Pakistan and entered Bollywood with 2008 film Shoot on Sight. There's no doubt about his good looks, we only hope to see him more in upcoming ventures

Mikaal Zulfiqar


  1. Agreed completely to Fawad Khan, but only Fawad Khan. He is the one & only gorgeous import that we had from Pakistan. Hope Bollywood realises how marvelous an actor he is.