Hot mess or a doting mother? 7 Times Sunny Leone set Instagram on fire

Hot Pics of Sunny Leone from Instagram

Karanjit Singh Vohra, popularly know as Sunny Leone, is one of the hottest Bollywood divas these days. A former porn actress, she first made her first appearance in Jism 2 in the Hindi film industry and since then there has been no stopping for the hot and sexy Sunny Leone. Every time her movie hits the celluloid or she takes to any social media platform, the temperatures rise. She sends her fans in complete awe and admiration with her hotness. Sizzling, enigmatic, super sexy and eternally fresh, Sunny always slays her looks when she posts her stunningly hot pictures. Let us look at 7 of her hottest Instagram photos-

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A post shared by Sunny Leone (@sunnyleone) on

Sunny is not just sexy and hot but humourous as well. She has captioned it "Me and My Fan". Funny isn't? Well Sunny, it's not you who need any fan here. It's we who need one, for every time your pic goes live, temperatures soar and trust us, we become restless.

It seems Sunny Leone captions her pictures with full irony. She says 'comfy outfit'. Really? This pic is making us so un-comfy with your super hot crop top which is only making your fans go crazy. First the fan and now this!

Wow. Simply wow! You've slayed it all here so perfectly. Taken on the streets of New York, Sunny clad in a silver saree in full elegance is simply stunning and supremely hot.

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Sunny is seen planting a cute kiss on her husband Daniel Weber's cheeks. This pic is not only cute, Sunny has perfectly slayed it with hotness. Just look at her shiny and buttery skin.

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Sunny Leone hits here with all simplicity. A casual pose in a casual crop top and shorts. That's all and yet she is looking gorgeous here. No wonder many girls aspire to be like her!

A post shared by Sunny Leone (@sunnyleone) on
After simplicity, it's ethnicity. This picture was taken during the shooting of an upcoming film called PSV Garuda Vega. Sunny appears in a dance number in this film. And slays her looks clad in complete hotness in a white lehenga choli.

Holding a clutch in her hand and wearing a one-piece with a denim jacket, this super hot bombshell is doing rounds and rounds on the internet. Her elegance in this picture made us all go crazy!

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