I Hoped Bad Things For Anurag Basu During Jagga Jasoos: Ranbir Kapoor

Long delayed, much-awaited and shrouded in controversies- 'Jagga Jasoos' is finally releasing on July 14. Film critic Rajeev Masand recently interviewed film’s leading man Ranbir Kapoor and director Anurag Basu. It is candid as anything. No filters, no blinkers! To the point, honest and direct!

Ranbir Kapoor Anurag Basu Jagga Jasoos Interview with Rajeev Masanad

We all know various reasons and rumours for the long delay of 'Jagga Jasoos' like Ranbir and Katrina’s personal falls outs, Anurag Basu’s much needed break after 'Barfi', among others.

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Obviously these would affect relationships both on sets and outside, and hats off to Ranbir Kapoor when he bluntly said in the interview that at one point it was so frustrating he would hope bad things happen to Anurag Basu and that he would even abuse him.

Watch Ranbir Kapoor and Anurag Basu (Jagga Jasoos) Interview with Rajeev Masanad:

The roughly 19 minutes of interview was all candid and frank. He opened up about his working equation with Katrina Kaif. In a recent event Katrina Kaif had said that she would never work with Ranbir Kapoor again. Ranbir cleared the things up on this and said he immediately called up Katrina after he heard the news and fired at her, adding there is no reason they wouldn’t work together.

The most hilarious bit of the conversation was when Anurag Basu confessed that delays as far as film was concerned had become a joke on the sets. He narrated that once he asked the trolley guy to pace down the trolley and the cinematographer behind the camera said- “Fir to ye kal pohochega waha (The camera will reach to that point tomorrow)”

When Rajeev asked Ranbir if his father Rishi Kapoor ever interfered and affected his decisions about signing films he said- “Never, my father leaves my film choices on me and only once did he question about 'Jaggao Jasoos' that why is it taking so long”

Last year when Rajeev Masand had interviewed Ranbir Kapoor, the actor had confessed that he wanted to unlearn everything and rediscover himself as an actor. This time Anurag Basu himself said that he could feel Ranbir’s rediscovery and the transition he has achieved from their last film together.

With the insights from the interview it seems that 'Jagga Jasoos' is one of the most honest films made in Bollywood recently and we all hope it runs successfully at the ticket counters.

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