Dhinchak Pooja Lands Into Trouble, Delhi Traffic Police Says Necessary Action Will Be Taken

India’s new YouTube sensation Dhinchak Pooja has landed into great trouble with the Delhi Traffic Police and that too because of her latest song 'Dilon Ka Shooter'. In the music video she is seen riding a scooter without wearing helmet and someone unfortunately noticed it.

Dhinchak Pooja Delhi Traffic Police  Necessary Action
Yes, Mohit Singh of Delhi tweeted about this crime and tagged the official twitter handle of the Delhi Traffic Police. He tweeted in Hindi and when translated into English it would read- “In your context (as in Delhi Traffic Police context) this girl is riding her scooter without her helmet on and singing loudly”.

The earnest Delhi Traffic Police replied to this tweet- “Thanks, kindly tweet with date, time and exact place so that necessary action can be taken,”

Mohit Singh didn’t stop here and actually tweeted this- “Surajmal Vihar, Time: 3:10 pm and Date: June 24, 2017, Thank you”

Delhi Traffic Police replied that necessary action will be taken. We are not sure yet if any legal case would be filed until the officials find Pooja’s true identity and what needs to be seen is if any leniency would be granted considering she was just making a video song.

What’s to be noted here is that Mohit didn’t reveal anything about the context of this alleged crime, never revealing that the girl was Dhinchak Pooja and that she was making a video song.

Dhinchak Pooja took social media by storm and became a YouTube sensation after her song Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj went viral on the video sharing platform. Her other popular songs include 'Swag Wali Topi', 'Daaru Daaru Daaru'.

After the series of tweets by Mohit Singh what happened was a regular thing- hundreds of memes! Yes, twitterati are all over the place sharing funny memes about Dhinchak Pooja. Let us look at few of the most hilarious ones-

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