How Bollywood Celebrities Wished Us Eid Mubarak on Twitter

It’s Eid al-Fitr today! Eid Mubarak every one. Celebratory mode is on and it seems happiness is hovering around the world.

Eid is a Muslim festival that marks the end of Ramadan- roughly one month long period where Muslims all across the world keep fasting all days from dawn to dusk.

India being a cosmopolitan country that it is happens to witness every festival of every religion in full joyous mood. Eid holds an important place in India as Muslims in India share quite a good demography with the rest of religions.

Bollywood Celebrities Wished Eid Mubarak on Twitter
PC: Twitter

Every time a festival approaches, Bollywood celebrities share their happiness and wish everybody. Now with the advent of social media, sending out wishes has become a lot easy. One post and within seconds, millions of people around the globe see it.

So, on this Eid, let us have a look at how our Bollywood Celebrities wished us all as a happy Eid:

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