India vs Pakistan : Rishi Kapoor Mocks Pakistan Cricket Team, Ends up Facing Rage Of Pakistani Netizens

Actor Rishi Kapoor is always making headlines. Despite being a social media darling for his hilarious takes on issues, the veteran actor finds himself in the middle of controversies for his Twitter commentary which sometimes is insensitive or caustic to other people's sentiments. So this time the 'king-of-140-characters' jumped into controversy when he took a jibe at the most heated and trending topic in India - the India vs Pakistan match (ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Finals) So here's what happened-

Rishi Kapoor, Champions Trophy, Pakistan Cricket team, India vs Pakistan
Rishi Kapoor trolled on social media for his jibe at Pakistan Cricket Team ahead of Champions Trophy Finals
Apparently, on June 16, the famous actor took to Twitter to make a sarcastic but direct remark on the Pakistani Cricket Team. Clearly, his fans in India rooted and cheered for him, but netizens in Pakistan were hurt. This led to a series of hurtful abuses and remarks for the actor and ended up in a banter. 

Check out the tweet:
And the Pakistani fans reacted:

Kapoor's tweet created a buzz on social media and with the raging Pakistanis, the matter went out of hand, so much so, that the actor posted another tweet saying:
Seems like all hate comments are coming his way! On Sunday, India will face Pakistan in the Champions Trophy Finals, resulting in an uproar among both Indian and Pakistani fans. Mark the date folks for IndvsPak!

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