Tubelight Twitter Review: Will The Film's Fate Alter Or Super-Stardom Is Enough?

Farhan Akhtar in an interview had once said that trailer of a film plays a very decisive role for the audience-turn-up when the film unfolds on silver screen.  Perhaps it’s beyond just the trailer and, the pool of people at ticket counters start to factor in more so when the whole ‘intention and feel’ of what has been made is unveiled to the cine-goers prior to the film’s release. Meaning- trailer and teasers decide a lot undeniably but everything transcends beyond these when a superstar is attached to any film. No matter how the trailer appears or the first look is received before the release; super-stardom has its own perks.

Also, it can be stated undeniably that a film’s fate is decided by the audience. So naturally the super stardom discussed above becomes vulnerable- vulnerable not in the sense of the actor’s fate but the film’s. This is where, beyond the fate and silver dollars, the exclusivity and direct speech of cine buffs come into play- and we must give the credit to social media.

Tubelight Twitter Review: Twitter Reaction
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The superstar Salman Khan’s 'Tubelight' has been released. Super-stardom paid off, for millions flocked to the cinemas on the first day. But social media especially Twitter made the film’s fate vulnerable because now the audience has a direct say on the film.

So let us see how the audience reacted to 'Tubelight' on Twitter and if anyhow the Twitter reviews are going to alter its fate in the coming days-

Naturally the reviews have been mixed. Few have all good words and praises for 'Tubelight' and few are cursing it. But there is no dearth of doubt that these direct reviews, the one-on-one direct say about the film are going to somehow influence the fate of 'Tubelight'. After live reviews on Twitter coming into the scene, reviews as they used to happen and have been happening by some select few people do not matter anymore.

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