Haseena Parkar Or Dawood Ibrahim's Sister? Will Shraddha Kapoor's New Avatar Be Enough?

Haseena Parkar's eponymous lead Shraddha Kapoor went live on Facebook today and unveiled the trailer of her upcoming film. While sharing, she said, "Very excited and nervous to share the trailer of #HaseenaParkar. Hope you all like it! #ApoorvaLakhia Siddhanth Kapoor Ankur Bhatia."

There is no dearth of doubt that Shraddha Kapoor has donned a new and intriguing avatar in the role of Dawood Ibrahim's sister- Haseena Parkar. We had almost gotten bored seeing her in the regular girl-next-door roles. She would steal the show and take away all the limelight with the film. Period. But, will Shraddha Kapoor's different avatar be enough?

Haseena Parkar Trailer Shraddha Kapoor
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'Haseena Parkar' is a gangster movie based in Mumbai. Genre- Gangster, City- Mumbai. Indian audience has seen both. And a hell lot of times. The only off the hook bit in this film is that the gangster this time is Dawood Ibrahim's sister- a female. And that's what Indian audience is not used to watching.

To be noted here, she must be introduced as Dawood Ibrahim's sister and not Haseena Parkar, for that's the acknowledged fact so evident in the trailer itself when Haseena says to Dawood- "Mere zindagi ke har kadam pe, aapke pairon ke nishan hai" (At every step of my life, lies your footprints). In fact, at one point a voice over dictates that Haseena uses Dawood's name to extort, loot and run her game in the Mumbai underworld. Haseena Parkar cannot be defined alone without her gangster brother Dawood Ibrahim.

Watch the trailer here-

It seems Apoorva Lakhhia would deliver a brilliant cinematic experience by the looks of the trailer. Only time can tell if the Indian audience is ready to watch a female gangster movie but because Shraddha Kapoor is all a big-shot in this film in a wholly new way, millions are going to flock to the cinemas on the first day itself.

The trailer also reveals Shraddha Kapoor's real life brother Siddhanth Kapoor who is playing Dawood Ibrahim in the film.

Written by Suresh Nair, 'Haseena Parkar' is scheduled to release on August 18.

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