When This Outsider Continues To Rock In Bollywood: 5 Best Rajkummar Rao Movies

Rajkummar Rao is the buzz of the Bollywood town always. He is known for his fabulous performances which have helped him to gain the stardom he has achieved today. Not only his acting speaks volumes, the Shahid actor is famous for his unrealistic transformations and method acting. Now that Rajkummar Rao has established himself as one of the finest actors in Bollywood, let us celebrate some of his movies that have been a catalyst for the star-in-making.

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5 Best Rajkummar Rao Movies

Among his many movies in his filmography, we’ve selected only 5 that are a proof that there is no other actor like Rajkummar Rao.

5 Best Rajkummar Rao Movies

1. SHAHID (2013)

5 Best Rajkummar Rao Movies

Based on the real story of human rights activist and lawyer Shahid Azmi, Shahid brought Rajkummar to the highlight among the great actors. His portrayal of a man who was murdered in Mumbai in 2010 brings out the plethora of fine layers to Rao's performance. If you haven't seen this film, we urge you to watch it now because Rao is out of the worlds in this movie and for which he won the National Film Award for Acting, and rightly so!

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2. CITYLIGHTS (2014)

5 Best Rajkummar Rao Movies

Rao's venture with director Hansal Mehta, Citylights (2014), is yet another film that has created a strong impact in parallel cinema world. Rao brilliantly shines throughout the film and gives us a regular man struck in unfavorable circumstances due to poverty.

3. QUEEN (2014)

5 Best Rajkummar Rao Movies

While Kangana delivered a powerful performance as the lead protagonist of Queen, Rajkummar too made his impact with a small role of her conservative fiance Vijay. There are few extremely memorable scenes and we totally ship Kangana and Rajkummar for future roles too.

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5 Best Rajkummar Rao Movies

This film marked Rajkummar's debut in the Bollywood industry. Directed by Dibankar Banerjee, this is the first Indian film to be filmed in a found footage style. Touching the chords of voyeurism, the film was a brave attempt and the fact that Rajkummar chose this film for his debut speaks of his daring choices!

5. ALIGARH (2016)

5 Best Rajkummar Rao Movies

Playing the role of real life journalist, Deepu Sebsatian, Rajkummar Rao nails every frame in Aligarh (2016) in which he appears. Fighting audaciously for the rights of an ousted homosexual professor in a renowned university, this role just goes on to prove that Rao is not just exceptional in delivering great performances but also goes on board with only those roles that he really feels like doing.

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So here we are. These were the 5 best Rajkummar Rao movies for you. Not many from outside of the industry make it so big and seminal. He has proved otherwise. Keep enlightening us with your work, Rajkummar!

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